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The glimmering eye-catchers on crystal-clear films

Show your charm with brilliant crystal bags. maropack has created a one-of-a-kind packaging idea with precision-cut SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystals recognised through the world: Your company or product logo made from sparkling crystals applied on high-gloss plastic bags from Andernach, Germany, made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. This kind of high-quality, highly transparent film packaging is only available from maropack. A large selection of high-gloss film packaging and refined crystal applications made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS let you add even more exclusivity to the positioning of your products on the market.

Crystal-clear bags from maropack and precise precision-cut crystals with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

Value you can feel

Your brand is valuable. maropack and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS not only allow you to show this, they let you feel it. Not only can you have your logo printed on a high-quality plastic bag, you can have it reproduced in three dimensions from small, perfectly polished crystals!

Make your valuable products twice as brilliant: Highly transparent maropack bags and brilliant SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS provide the perfect showcase for your product. maropack applies the sparkling stones to plastic bags in perfect quality in one complex process. This leaves a lasting impression on your customers. This not only provides a stunning visual showcase for your brand, it also lets the recipient get a true feel for the design through the highly transparent bag.

Stunning packaging for special moments

The exclusive partnership between maropack and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS provides you with more options. When two companies come together like this, the result is something entirely new and astounding. Gift packaging with designs that are sure to make the recipient's heart skip a beat. Is there a better way to declare your love than with a piece of jewellery packaged in a shimmering plastic pouch, adorned with a heart made of dazzling crystals?

The experts at maropack know what design are possible using large crystal stones ranging from 1.3 to 2.6 millimetres in diameter. Along with custom applications such as your logo, our specialists would be happy to show you a wide range of templates for that added touch of brilliance. Let us surprise and inspire you!

The maropack quality GUARANTEE also applies to our maropack crystal bags. The stones are placed with pin-point accuracy and are affixed to the highly transparent film with such strength that they can safely be shipped in the mail.