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That certain something for brilliant appearances

Let hearts, flowers or leaves do the talking! These small accessories lend an individual touch to flat bags made of glossy OPP and CPP film. Carefully selected and designed details let you start a flurry of emotion with a magic spark

Cloverleafs and ladybugs

Cute little heart pendants for romantic partners, decorative flowers for girlfriends, ladybugs, cloverleafs or vine leaves: Help your customers identify with your products. "Pimp the bag" uses maropack plastic bags made of brilliant OPP or CPP film and imaginative appliqués from "pimp the bottle", which you can purchase here, as a starting point.

Take a look at pimp the bag and find your inspiration! Together with the film experts, design attention-grabbing packaging that creates emotionally driven sales. This accentuates your product line and gives your customers freedom to expand their creativity.

It's what we do at maropack: Always providing new ideas for companies that present their products with passion.