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Packaging at its best

Consultation from the expert

For over 50 years, maropack has been providing brilliant, highly transparent and attention-grabbing plastic bags and film blank sheets. Along with excellent raw materials, the company with a rich history guarantees extremely accurate processing. The advice from the film experts at maropack provides you with OPP and CPP sales packaging that adds a decisive boost to the look of your goods at the POS.

The method from the packaging experts

More than 30 experts apply the whole of maropack expertise into every individual bag and film roll day in and day out. The path to your dream packaging starts with expert CONSULTATION. Your contact person knows the best way to showcase the advantages of your product and advises you on every aspect of your packaging processes.

Film PROCESSING on our state-of-the-art machinery guarantees reliable delivery with high-quality PRODUCTS every time. And the maropack team keeps on eye on both material and processing quality along the way.

This is also true of the materials in our extensive warehouse for raw materials and finished goods. You can rely on the maropack quality GUARANTEE, ensuring "Aha!" moments at the point of sale. Because film is not just film. Bags made from highly transparent OPP or CPP encase your products to charm your customers.