Bags on rolls for small and tidy items

Compactly packaged. Assemble printed products, gifts, promotional items or even toys quickly and conveniently with bag on rolls. This practical plastic bag adds visual flair to your products and was specifically conceived to hold small objects. The material allows for an assortment of applications and is already used for production on an endless chain at widths of 15 millimetres and larger. Thanks to a tear perforation, it can be used in fabrication without any difficulty.

The perfect size for your hand

Whether dental instruments, small spare parts or supplies: Plastic bags on rolls perfectly highlight even the finest objects while emphasising the contours. Ornate packaging is no longer a problem thanks to the practical tear perforation.

Even when packaging proceeds at high speed, the glossy OPP or CPP film will not be damaged. A gentle tug is enough to separate the perforated bag from the roll.

The best option is to fill the bag before tearing it off. As a result, they fit perfectly in your hand and do not shift. Thanks to the maropack expert method.

And keep in mind:
These maropack bags made from highly transparent OPP and CPP film can also be individually printed on.


Width:10 - 500 mm, Perforated from CPP on a roll, starting at 10 m
Length: 40 - 560 mm

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Bags on rolls

Signet Maropack, für nachhaltige Verpackungen