Metallised film:
Shimmering protection from light and oxygen

Draw attention with an aluminium shine. BOPP- and CPP film are the perfect partners for making a combination because they harmonise perfectly with aluminium. Metallised films from maropack allow you to expand the range of applications for your most eye-catching film packaging. These combinations help you create that "Wow!" factor at the POS together with high-quality printing. In addition, they also let you effectively protect sensitive goods from light and oxygen.

Coated with aluminium

Metallised polypropylene is usually formed by applying ultra-pure aluminium to a backing film. Coating the highly transparent packaging films with a very thin layer of aluminium in a vacuum adds a metallic lustre to both sides. They can be laminated facing other films and be used as composite films.

But what is all of this for? For one, it astounds customers with extraordinary visual effects. This involves applying a stylish finish to high-quality metallised films by printing on the liner or surface. In addition, the metallised variants of brilliant maropack films also offer ideal protection from light and oxygen.

A great number of applications are in the food industry, as flat bags for instance. Does this sound like something that may be useful for your products?

Simply speak to the experts at maropack! Our experts draw on in-depth technical experience to help you get the results you are after.


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