Card jackets leave room for surprises

Play on the curiosity of your customers. Many customers find inspiration browsing through cardholders. Everybody is familiar with more involved greeting cards and the almost childlike joy of opening a card where a devil jumps out, a cardboard hand extends a bouquet of flowers, or a small car on a spring pops out as congratulations on passing your driving exam. Card jackets from maropack add a distinguished character to these effects.

For a boost to buying interest

The quiet crackling of a card jacket has an alluring sound that increases curiosity: The printed product is the focus of your attention with its glass-clear highly transparent OPP or CPP film packaging and you just have to know: What does it say inside? The packaging for greeting cards increases buying interest and leaves room for surprises. Refining book covers made of maropack film are also available. Our film is famous for its top-end quality and has been a success in packaging for more than 50 years.

The maropack quality GUARANTEE also applies to card jackets and protective book covers. The products are inspected and implemented by experts and only leave production once it is certain that the card jackets and books covers fit perfectly. No matter whether its a Christmas greeting or a New Year card: maropack also quickly delivers at peak times and with proven quality.

Card jacket options

  • Ability to support flexographic printing, rotogravure and digital printing (multi-coloured up to 8 colours, with the option of covering the full area on both sides) or for the "PP05" material ID
  • "The Green Dot" or individualised logo with hot stamping and with thermal transfer printing for monochromatic, one-sided prints
  • Print area up to 50 x 90 mm


Width: 120 - 650 mm
Length: 55 - 650 mm (material-dependant)

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