Easy-opening bag – Beautiful and practical

Amazingly easy to open. Those who produce or sell small, everyday objects cannot say enough about the importance of their customers' overall experience. The glittering adhesive seal bag quickly draws the interest of customers to your goods; customers purchase the product and wants to hold the new purchase in their hand, even while on their way into the parking lot. Toting a shopping bag, bouncing a child in your arms or holding a telephone to your ear: The easy-opening bag from maropack can be opened all the same, providing the perfect finish to a shopping experience even before it ends.

Customers love convenience

The joy of having children is immense; the proud parents receive the toy hygienically packaged in its glittering adhesive seal bag. A gentle tug is all that is needed before placing the new toy right into the cradle with the baby.

When it comes to effective and practical plastic bags, the experts at maropack have simply thought of everything. maropack easy-opening bags can be opened with ease via a special dust-tight perforation below the adhesive seal.

A bag with an adhesive seal can also do a bit more when it's packaged as a quality PRODUCT from maropack. The adhesive tape is positioned so that the product can be easily removed from the bag. The flat bag with a lip features an adhesive seal that provides optimal protection for your products and offers the customer maximum convenience.


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