Set yourself apart from the competition and take advantage of our outstanding maropack added value

Those who want to perfectly package their products should leave nothing to chance. maropack knows the success factors for bags and films that sell. Using the maropack expert method means you always get the best: You receive the best consultation, are supplied with highly transparent bags and films and can provide your products with brilliant packaging.

Excellent consultation

Which options do bags and film packaging provide? What is important when printing bags or films? Which film is best-suited for your sales-driving purpose? maropack knows the answer. Our company has over 50 years of expertise; instead of simply having "employees", we have experts with foresight who think outside of the box.

For example, we have an expert for attention-grabbing envelopes, a technician for promotional header bags, a specialist for brilliantly packaged luxury products, an expert in high-gloss greeting card bags and a specialist who knows what it takes when it comes to your mechanical packaging manufacturing.

A high level of technical expertise paired with extensive industry knowledge helps lend your products a glimmering appearance – customised, functional and highly effective. The experts for packaging concepts at maropack have an outstanding grasp of your requirements and new trends at the POS. Get ready for surprising recommendations and the extreme dedication of our contact persons. Because maropack is prepared to do nearly anything to provide you with the perfect film packaging.

Film expertise

A feast for the eyes, as well. Food tastes best when high-quality ingredients are prepared to perfection. maropack uses a special film formula for the extrusion of highly transparent, sales-driving films and checks these every step of the way. The goods only reach the extensive warehouse of raw materials and finished goods once the visual appearance is correct, resulting in crystal-clear transparency with a high-gloss look.

maropack produces your OPP and CPP bags and films on-time and reliably. A wide variety of machinery and production processes perfectly co-ordinated to each other enable flexible manufacturing. Even small batch sizes can be delivered cost-effectively. Using cutting-edge technology, maropack provides you with a wide variety of highly transparent sales packaging in every conceivable size and design. Whether adding a finishing touch or through inherent brilliance: Your packaging manufacturing machines run the top quality – the best formulas for smooth processes.

Quality guarantee

Guaranteed: maropack provides you with the very best in material and processing quality. This takes place through the combination of various success factors involving the maropack expert method. The bag and film specialists respond more quickly and flexibly than most. Because we put extensive thought and effort into your bags and films at our Andernach location, they are geared towards your promotional purposes down to the last detail. Highly functional and easy to work with. Your customers will thank you! No question: maropack films run flawlessly on your packaging machines. You can produce neatly, without errors and as fast as your production system allows.

You can count on packaging made from maropack film. Making your production predictable and your plans more dependable while reducing your costs. The maropack quality GUARANTEE also applies to bags as well: The plastic bags significantly enhance the value of your products and provide them with a shining showcase. They emphasise the value of your goods, making them easily recognisable and visible, as if they were behind glass. Are you more of a numbers person and all the bells and whistles are not that important? That is also covered by the maropack quality GUARANTEE. Highly transparent plastic bags from maropack increase buying interest, which is reflected positively in your sales figures.