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maroVinoFlat bottle packaging

Irradiant and inexpensive. Valuable does not have to be expensive. Put a stylish emphasis on the value of your goods with maroVinoFlat bottle packaging and note the balanced cost structure in the process. In the future you will be looking forward to hearing, "Could you gift wrap that for me?" The practical bottle bag makes this a quick and effective process. Put a smile on your customer's face in no time at all.

Simply wrap the wine bottle!

maroVinoFlat bottle packaging lets you emphasise the value of your goods by directing the customers' eyes to the most important aspects: The bottle and the label. The modern packaging turns any wine or champagne into something special.

Even if things are hectic at the checkout, products with tasteful maropack plastic bags quickly find their way into shopping bags. Whether velvet, gift ribbon or a small bow: Make your own style come to life with standard packaging!

Or purchase the maroVinoFlat printed bottle bag with individualised printing. The products and services available from the experts at maropack are sure to draw you in. The extremely brilliant film packaging is available in quantities of 1,000 units.


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