Quality that shows

The special film formula provides maropack films and bags with crystal-clear transparency and high gloss. Consistent quality management guarantees the continuously high quality that our customers always expect.

It starts

  • During the selection and testing of raw materials
  • Continues seamlessly throughout production
  • Remains in place through the final inspection.

For us, quality means more than just functional products and optimal processes. Quality management at maropack means that every bag and film has the perfect look. Last but not least, the high quality of the products is also the result of many years of experience and special expertise in processing films and manufacturing film packaging.

maropack has QA management every step of the way from raw material to product shipment. This has the advantage that our customers receive films and bags with tested quality every time. This allows our customers to secure trust on the market.

Quality assurance at maropack includes inspecting winding tightness, as well as testing the seam strength of bags and much more.

Signet Maropack, für nachhaltige Verpackungen