Banderoles: An elegant corset

Glossy cover. Greeting cards and envelopes are ready for show time once they have been stacked: The maropack banderoles bundle products while giving them a refined appearance. For stationery wrapped in a banderole, this ensures the materials arrive at their destination safely. Once it arrives, the outer packaging fulfils its purpose as an eye-catcher. maropack customers appreciate packaging from sturdy, high-gloss OPP or CPP film and use them to meet specific requirements.

Brilliance in every respect

Banderoles are an excellent choice for emphasising the value of goods. This is why one maropack customer puts the glossy banding film over its small jewellery boxes. The boxes may contain costume jewellery, but the exquisite outer packaging shines like a brilliant jewel. Making beautiful items shine more brilliantly!

The valuable contents of the boxes are not lost while still remaining mysterious and concealed from idle glances—until the moment when the banderole is opened by the recipient. Many other applications are possible for the outer packaging. Let our maropack experts help you explore the possibilities! It is widespread in the packaging of greeting cards and envelopes.


Width: 20 - 80 mm
Length: 90 - 300 mm

Product information

Signet Maropack, für nachhaltige Verpackungen