Apart together in two-chamber bags

Two-chamber bags from maropack are two bags in one. Separated by an ultrasonic seam, there are two opposing chambers that can be filled with identical or different contents.

Packaged in a two-chamber bag, your products will be irresistible to children. Impress your customers with this functional sales packaging. This packaging lets you present two products in a series at once or feature the product in one chamber with a brochure, description or game instructions in the other. The experts at maropack will be glad to tell you how to wow customers at the POS with two-chamber bags. Highly transparent CPP film lets you put multiple products in their best light.

Two items – One bag

The experts at maropack have a great feel for which version is the ideal "two-parter" for you. Two-chamber bags are the ideal solution for packaging accessories and spare parts in combination with product information and operating manuals for a wide variety of devices, machines or furniture. The two-chamber bag is a special film packaging variant. You can be secure knowing that the maropack expert method with the maropack quality guarantee also applies to this bag concept.

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