Beautiful and sustainable: Biodegradable film from maropack

Increase acceptance for exciting packaging! You are aware of the impact of climate change – and treat your goods to beautiful and eye-catching packaging with a clear conscience. Biodegradable films from maropack satisfy both the highest design requirements and customers' demand for environmental sustainability. Increase the acceptance of your high-quality packaged products and tap into new customer groups.

An aura of environmental protection

Beyond excellent properties as an overwrapping film, biodegradable film from maropack also has a high level of consumer acceptance going for it. The biodegradable films are made from renewable resources. Depending on the formula, the biodegradable films break down into carbon dioxide and water after approximately 45 days of industrial composting.

This environmentally friendly alternative meets the stringently defined maropack quality standards in terms of look, feel and mechanical as well as physical properties. They are often used as chip protection films, cover films and envelopes.

Bread, baked goods, fresh foods, organic products, cheese and sausage: Biodegradable films from maropack make almost everything look perfect for your customers.

Furthermore: Biodegradable films from a long-standing company with over 50 years of experience ensure your packaging machine will run like clockwork.

It starts

  • During the selection and testing of raw materials
  • Continues seamlessly throughout production
  • Remains in place through the final inspection.

For us, quality means more than just functional products and optimal processes. Quality management at maropack means that every bag and film has the perfect look. Last but not least, the high quality of the products is also the result of many years of experience and special expertise in processing films and manufacturing film packaging.

maropack has QA management every step of the way from raw material to product shipment. This has the advantage that our customers receive films and bags with tested quality every time. This allows our customers to secure trust on the market.


Width: 20 - 1600 mm
Lenght: Up to 22,000 m for each roll (depending on film thickness)

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