Biodegradable bottle bags
For environmentally conscious connoisseurs

Ecological and highly transparent. Wine is just as much a cultural product as it is a natural product. The biodegradable maroVinoBio bottle bag emphasises this fact. It is made of 100% cornflour and features a design that looks just like its conventional brother, the maroVinoFlat. The biodegradable bag has all of the benefits of a maropack plastic bag, light reflects vividly on its glass-smooth surface.

Act sustainably!

In the '80s, environmentally conscious people were easy to recognise around the world by the bags they wore imprinted with slogans such as "Jute, not plastic". Today, wine bottles wrapped in biodegradable bottle bags shimmer in their trolleys. maroVinoBio combines sustainable trade with a higher standard of living. Enjoy with a clear conscience!

maropack gives you another selling point for use at the POS. Bottle labels shine through in brilliant light with highly transparent biodegradable film bags. You are selling the complete package of a visual feast and a culinary delight.

The biodegradable bottle bags can be individually printed and are available starting in quantities of 1,000 units. The biodegradable bag meets the high requirements of material and processing quality thanks to the maropack expert method.


More information
Bottle bags (PDF, 46 KB)

Signet Maropack, für nachhaltige Verpackungen