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Hot-needle perforated bags to help you keep your cool

Appetisingly packaged. The hot-needle perforated bags are made of premium quality maropack film and allow moisture to escape instead of settling on the surface. Customers can still view contents unimpeded. Your goods make a fresh and appetising presentation in heat-perforated film. The hot-needle perforated bag provides the same great service for food logistics as it does at the POS.

Hot-needle perforated bags – food-grade
Food-grade hot-needle perforated bags that require oxygen exchange!

Moisture escapes

Give your fresh and delicate products room to breathe! Excess moisture can escape through the hot-needle perforated bag made of durable maropack film, ideal for transport and climate-controlled storage. Make a clean and appetising presentation of your goods at the POS: Tear it open and take a bite!

In addition, the customised, glossy maropack film allows you to attach printed labels onto your goods in bulk without having to touch the sensitive goods inside. The high-quality OPP and CPP film are food-grade in addition to being odourless and tasteless.


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Hot-needle perforated bags (PDF, 132 kB)