Bottom-welded bags –
True versatility

Packaging with imagination. The bottom-welded bag is the medium of choice for creative minds. Instead of the usual bottom fold, an ultrasonic seam closes the bottom. This also lets you hide larger products behind maropack high-gloss films and provide additional creative freedom. With this set-up, why not select a different film colour as the background?

First choice for all things light, large and beautiful

A real eye-catcher: A three millimetre wide edge provides a striking finish for the bottom-welded bag made of highly transparent OPP or CPP film. The bag is available as wide as 650 millimetres in the highest maropack processing quality tried and tested for more than 50 years. Moreover, the bottom-welded bag is suitable for a variety of combinations. Metallic reverse side behind a highly transparent façade, two sides, two colours: Anything goes if it draws attention.

If Danish philosopher Sören Kierkegaard had lived a century later, the bottom-welded bag probably would have come to mind when he wrote, "Everything is light, beautiful and fleeting under the sky of aesthetics." Light, large and beautiful objects like mattes, calendars, posters and high-quality photo prints are given an appealing presentation for the fleeting yet critical encounter with the customer at the POS.


Width: 50 - 500 mm
Length: < 650 mm

More information
Bottom-welded bags (PDF, 47 KB)

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