Stacking with film blanks and round-shaped blank sheets

Can I get you anything else? Film blanks and the deli counter or bakery go together like bread and sausage or cake and ice cream. Not only food, but a wide variety of other products are protected with film blanks for transport, storage or presentation. maropack cuts high-quality BOPP film or biodegradable film as separating layers and intermediate layers in all common dimensions. In addition to standard flat blank sheets cut to size, maropack is a film expert that produces packaging with individual dimensions in a square, rectangular or round shape. We provide transparent intermediate layers in dispenser boxes with or without outer boxes, wrapped in paper or packaged individually.

Highly transparent BOPP films for all (separating) layers

When the salesperson behind the counter displays slices of cake on a tablet with dividing layers or neatly separates cold cuts, sliced ham and sliced cheese with flat blank sheets cut to size, customers find their mouths watering. Highly transparent BOPP films or biodegradable films are unmatched in practicality and complete the shopping experience.

Glossy film blanks from maropack prove their value in the food area with their outstanding features:

  • Food-safe
  • Anti-static
  • Odour-free

Customers also take advantage of these benefits in creating outer packaging for confectionery and tobacco or as covering layers for cream. In addition, flat blank sheets cut to size are popular as decorative, brilliantly gleaming packages for hosiery and other items.

maropack also offers film cutting "in the round": Bakeries cover cakes and pies with round-shaped blank sheets made of highly transparent maropack film. Delicatessens value the highly transparent, round-shaped blank sheets for protecting salads and other creations. Cheese factories like to use round-shaped blank sheets in their packaging as well.

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