Two-colour bags add colour to your business

The freedom to choose. Choosing maropack quality is the clear choice. The two-colour bag from the expert multiplies the number of design variant possibilities many times over. Flat bags, flat bags with a lip, header bags and card jackets are available as two-colour translucent packaging with yellow, red or green film shining through on the reverse. Draw on the experience of the experts at maropack is the clear choice. Our company has a rich history and is ready to offer customised advice on the best way to present your products in brilliant OPP and CPP film.

Sell with feeling!

When your products gleam brilliantly behind high-quality maropack film, you already have the customer on your side. Why not take it to the next level with a bag made of two-colour film – crystal-clear in front, with a colour layer shining through from the reverse side? Advocates of neuromarketing know that colour sells. Take advantage of the possibilities of translucent packaging!

Bright yellow shining through from the background builds anticipation of the summer holidays. Sheer green on the back of the bag embodies proven quality. Red opaque bags have a wide range of associations. Use sales packaging with a translucent reverse side with a different colour to guide customers through your product range or to add particular emphasis to a product!

The experts at maropack will be glad to help you sell your products with emotion.


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