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  • Delamination

    Separation of laminates using inadequate composite values.

  • Density

    Mass per unit volume in cubic metres. The density of PP is approx. 0.91 kg/m³, a 100 µm film is approx. 91 g/m²

  • Die

    Metal part an the extruder, which imparts its respective form on the polymer melt (e.g. ring-shaped die or flat film extrusion die).

  • Dimensional stability

    The ability of a material, such as a film, to resist expansion and contraction.

  • DIN EN 15593

    A hygiene system with hazard analyses and defined requirements for employees and production for guaranteeing defined delivery standards. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points is a preventive system that is to ensure safety of food for consumers. See also: HACCP, IFS, ISO 22000 and BRC IoP. All standards are simultaneously valid, coincide in areas and have regional priorities.

  • Direct metallising:

    Film coating made of metal using thermal evaporation in a vacuum. The coating with metal takes place in a system capable of creating a vacuum.

  • Dye

    Colourants (organic) or pigments (organic or inorganic) admixed with the film. Commonly used dyes are: titanium dioxide, carbon black