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The ideal wine packaging for any vintage

Variants of a good idea. A matter of taste: Many wine enthusiasts prefer dry or semi-dry wines, but even sweet whites and reds have their patrons. Only having one house wine on hand might not satisfy everyone's taste. This is why maropack offers plastic bags as wine packaging with different designs. Decide on a bottle bag with a lip, incredibly brilliant film with colouration or printing, a special bottle bag for storing aged wines or the magnum version!

Protective, huge and in colour if needed

The maroVinoClear provides a presentation that keeps to the bare essentials in the form of a plastic bag for wine packaging with top-end maropack quality with a lip and adhesive strip. Nothing else is such a value or more practical! The maroVinoColor film tube stands out with its coloured rear side. Utilise the translucent yellow, red or green film to provide a visual guide to your selection of dry, semi-dry and sweet wines for customers or to direct even more attention to your high-end goods! maroVinoPatina—for protecting aged wines—features a lip and self-adhesive strip. It reduces evaporation, prevents fruit flies from infesting your bottle, protects the original label and the patina of the wine bottle—a very elegant means of providing the perfect storage for your fine aged wines. maropack also offers the pressurised maroVino bottle bag. If a magnum bottle does not draw enough attention by itself, the best accompaniment is a maroVinoMagnum.


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