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Conical bags

The undisputed classic for packaging and presenting sweets. Conical bags evoke memories and emotions that bring us back to our childhood. They remind us of the delicious aroma of freshly roasted almonds or the unmistakable taste of licorice wheels. Treats given as gifts or brought home to be enjoyed later can be transported safely in the bag. The conical bag is still the typical packaging for sweets that are individually weighed and packaged. They are cost-effective, can be custom-imprinted and are available in a wide variety of sizes. For more information, refer to the product information

Block-bottom bags

The outstanding feature of the stand-up pouch with side gusset and rectangular bottom is the small amount of space it requires for storage. When folded open, the bag stands on its own and is ideally suited for packaging bulk goods (such as spices, tea, coffee, rice or semolina). It can be used to store foodstuffs with large particles, such as breakfast cereal, bakery, or granola, as well as sweets or fruit. They are available with or without imprint. For more information, refer to the product information, which you can download as a PDF file.

Diamond bags

Made of transparent BOPP with a thickness of 35 µm. Folded together, its appearance is similar to the side-gusset bag, but with a double side fold. This is used to unfold the bag and is especially well suited for packaging round and oval products. The dimensions are specified as D x L; diameter x length. The compatible boxes are available in gold / silver. Printing on request.


Micro-perforated bags with stack perforation

Micro-perforated bags with stack perforation made of high-quality and highly transparent BOPP and CPP enable air exchange. They are used for transporting and storing food and are ideal packaging for fresh foodstuffs. The bags are highly transparent, robust and available in many different sizes and variants. They are cold-resistant and water-resistant as well as odourless and tasteless and can be imprinted with food-grade inks.

Micro-perforated bags with seal closure

Micro-perforated bags with seal closure. The micro-perforated holes in the film package allow moisture that forms inside the bag to escape. The view of the product is always clear, and the food packaged in the bag stays fresh and attractive. The bags are highly transparent, robust and available in different formats and variants. They are cold-resistant and water-resistant as well as odourless and tasteless and can be imprinted with food-grade inks.

Tea bags

Tea bags are made in a process similar to cross-bottom bags. The material is paper, aluminium and polypropylene. The specific dimensions are specified in this format: width x depth x height.

They are extremely robust and available in a tapered design and in a wide variety of colours. They can be sealed using a sticker, wide clamp or decorative loop. Printing on request.

Three-edge sealed bags

Transparent packaging bags that have a sealed edge on the side. The starting films (usually PE or PE/PA) are superimposed and a seal seam is applied. The most common applications are for wrapping sausage, other meat products or cheese. Printing on request.

Side-gusset bags

The side-gusset bag is a flat bag with folded-over ultrasonic seam and side gussets on both sides. This enables the bag to be stored with minimum space requirements. The side gussets are popped apart for filling, substantially increasing both the filling volume and the fill opening. This makes them ideal for a wide variety of packaging tasks, as the highly transparent and food-grade film protects and showcases the contents at the same time. They are available in custom dimensions with or without printing. Refer to the product information for more information.


Mini bags

Mini bags are available as flat or side-gusset bags with a minimum width of 10 mm. Cigar bags are also made of mini bags. Material: BOPP.


Basepouch is a pouch made out of multi-layer film with rounded bottom folds that enable it to stand upright; resealable using an integrated snap fastener; barrier properties can be controlled using various film composition options. Custom printing on request.


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Conical bags

Block-bottom bags

Side-gusset bags

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