Bottom-folding bags –
The space-saving miracle among bags

Show what you have to offer The perfect film packaging fits like a second skin. Stubborn items such as toys and baby accessories or elegant items like a tea blend with a cup, filter and filter papers cannot be compressed. The bottom-folding bag gives these types of goods plenty of leeway to work their full potential in drawing in customers.

The sturdy variant

Bottom-folding bags made from highly transparent maropack films promote connections. It becomes readily apparent when showcasing puzzles, parts of a toy house, gourmet foods or table decorations in a clear plastic bag that these things absolutely belong together.

A mysterious air for the unknown; new outlooks for the familiar. The sturdy stand-up base on the CPP bottom-folding bag means the bag takes up just the space needed for its contents. The experts at maropack know when highly transparent plastic bags with bottom folding are the best choice. This variant provides a close, perfectly shaped fit for boxes and other bulky contents.

Fits perfectly above and below

However, it is important to carefully match the size and design of the bottom-fold bag to the goods or gift. You also have the choice of whether the bottom-folding bag should feature a lip at the top. The experts at maropack would like to recommend tapered lips for this design so that the brilliant packaging fits well at the top and bottom. maropack bottom-folding bags with adhesive tape have been designed to ensure that the contents in the bag do not become dirty or damaged when removing the adhesive seal.

For the easy-opening variant a special dust-proof perforation guarantees that the adhesive seal can be opened with ease. The CPP bottom-folding bag has also been tried-and-tested as convenient outer packaging. It offers plenty of room for larger numbers of envelopes, greeting cards or congratulatory cards.

Bottom-folding bag options

  • Cover lip
  • Reversible adhesive seal (resealable) or permanently adhesive
  • Tapered lip
  • European hole punch for hanging
  • Centring hole for venting after filling
  • Ability to select nearly any punch positions
  • Ability to support flexographic printing, rotogravure and digital printing (multi-coloured up to 8 colours, with the option of covering the full area on both sides) or for the "PP05" material ID, "The Green Dot" or individualised logo with hot stamping and with thermal transfer printing for monochromatic, one-sided prints, print area up to 50 x 90 mm


Width: 85 - 500 mm
Length: 80 - 650 mm (Bottom folds, min 15 through 80 mm)

More information
Bottom-folding bags (PDF, 46 KB)

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