Perfect results thanks to over 50 years of experience

One expert at maropack expert recently nicely summed up the idea behind our role as a film specialist: "We're the Ferrari of bag manufacturers." Just like the racecar can be seen from far away due to its bright red paint, you can recognise maropack films and bags by their brilliant colours, high level of transparency and attractive shine.

This gives you mailings that are guaranteed to be opened. The experts at maropack inspect the print finishing carefully and conscientiously. Their trained eyes discern whether the print result meets our high standards: Is the surface free of scratches? Is the ink coverage satisfactory? Does the print match what was ordered? Whether flexographic printing, rotogravure, digital printing, thermal transfer printing or hot stamping: maropack demands the highest level of performance from its in-house printers and works with experienced partners with a proven track record.

The film specialist makes the process as easy as possible for you: Define a print design in the desired colours – maropack chooses the ideal process, proofs the print data, coordinates the entire process and supplies perfectly finished printed film packaging.

Signet Maropack, für nachhaltige Verpackungen