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Concentrations of pigments or additives; used during the manufacturing of films to achieve a certain property or film colouring.

MFI (melt flow index); Amount, measured in grams, that can be printed in 10 minutes using the specified nozzle of a test device, if exposed to a defined force. The higher the melting index, the lower the melting viscosity.

The memory effect occurs during the manufacturing process of films as the result of stretching and cooling the film, essentially freezing it in place. This effect restores the original condition when the material is heated again.

Film coating made of metal using thermal evaporation in a vacuum. Direct metallising: The coating with metal takes place in a system capable of creating a vacuum. Transfer metallising: A backing film coated with lacquer is metallised on the lacquered side. A laminating process is then used to combine the film to be metallised with the metallised side of the backing film. This creates very high reflectivity and visual effects.

The movement of materials between various substrates. Migration can cause materials from the film to pass into the product. This is taken very seriously in the manufacturing of PP films and controlled by selecting raw materials, additives, etc. with precisely defined quality characteristics.

Modified atmosphere packaging, MAP, packaging process with protective atmosphere. Adding a different gas into the packaging and barriers in the packaging film increases the shelf life of the contents.

Modified atmosphere packaging - A packaging process with a protective atmosphere. A modified atmosphere around the product is different from the atmosphere in the air. Modifying the ambient atmosphere inhibits the spoilage caused by chemical, microbiological and enzymatic processes.

The total atomic mass of all of the atoms in a molecule.

The molecular unit from which a polymer is formed. Polymers are the product of a reaction (polymerisation); in this process, many single units combine to form long molecular chains of higher molecular mass. Polymerisation reactions can be controlled to create molecules of a certain length or molecular mass. All plastic materials are based on polymers.

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