Cross-bottom bags

Cross-bottom bags are a type of stand-up pouch without side folds. They require little storage space and, with or without imprint, are a popular form of sales and gift packaging. The cleverly folded bottom that saves so much space during storage substantially increases the filling volume when unfolded. The bags' special shape allows stable and decorative placement.

Bakery, chocolates, candies, tea, spices, noodles or other food and luxury items – highly transparent cross-bottom bags do a great job of protecting your products and packaging them securely. For more information, refer to the product information, which you can view and download as a PDF file.


Width: 75 - 250 mm
Length: 130 - 400 mm

More information
Cross-bottom bags (PDF, 712 KB)

Signet Maropack, für nachhaltige Verpackungen