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Adhesive tape seals plastic bags

A more elaborate seal may not be the answer. Customers holding a bag of glittering goods in their hands can see product in great detail—and they want to have it. This is why a well-designed adhesive tape seal is also part of perfect packaging with highly transparent BOPP or CPP film. Adhesive tape provides a reliable seal and, if desired, can be very easy to open. You are sure to find the ideal design for your plastic bags with the help of the experts at maropack.

Connection to time

A lot is required of adhesive tape: First, it needs to provide a tight seal to the opening of plastic bags. In addition, it should be easy to open again to allow removal of the goods. This is the design behind adhesive seals from maropack. Adhesive film for plastic bags are available in a variety of widths as well as with permanent or reversible adhesive properties. You can rely on the maropack quality GUARANTEE and allow our experts to advise you!

They know whether it is best to attach the adhesive surface on the left side, right side or right in the middle. And they can advise you how to ensure „easy opening“ for your customers.

No matter what variant you choose: maropack adhesive tape can be easily integrated into your production processes and allows for excellent downstream processing on your machines.


Width: 10/15 mm
Lenght: 10.000 m/roll

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